Handmade Trypillian Binoculars Statue


Terracotta Trypillian “Binoculars” are an archaeological mystery that captures the imagination, mesmerizes the spirit and encourages independent journeys to the origins of humanity.



Terracotta Trypillian “Binoculars” are an archaeological mystery. To this day, people have many theories about what these sacred objects were used for. Historians and archaeologists have studied them and artists and religious scholars analyzed them, but no consensus has been reached regarding their purpose. Some think these magical artifacts were smoking boxes, others conclude that they were candle holders, others think they were used as drums, and still others believe them to be devices that harmonize spaces.

This handmade clay sculpture is a replica of the clay “binoculars” found in the archaeological excavations of ancient Trypillian sites. Hundreds of these have been found in the areas of modern-day Ukraine. The Trypillian culture was an advanced Neolithic culture that thrived from 5500 to 2750 BCE.

These statues are handmade for us by Ukrainian master ceramicist Zhanna Rossypchuk (Жанна Россипчук) of Ceramystery. She hand sculpts, hand paints and then fires each piece by hand, using the ancient technique of “milk firing,” where the pottery is covered with high-fat milk, then baked in the kiln.

Place this beautiful unique sculpture on your altar to honor your ancient ancestors and enter into the mystery.

Each sculpture is a unique and handmade work of art and no two are exactly alike.

Binoculars measure 5″ tall  x  3″ long  x  6″ wide


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