Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack

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The Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack is perfect for inviting solutions that provide emotional, spiritual, or physical healing to any candle spell kit.


    Do you want to bring some soothing healing energy to your favorite candle spell? While no spell is a replacement for medical or psychological care, the Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack can be your secret spell ingredient that brings the perfect solutions to your emotional, physical or spiritual distress – information, healers, medicines – whatever is needed.

    Healing is used in spell work to help bring solutions that bring relief. Whether you or a loved one needs the healing, use the Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack to add those elements to your spell work.

    • Add to a healing to amplify your the healing power
    • Add to Mental Influence spell to invite solutions to mental distress
    • Add to a Change of Heart spell to invite solutions to emotional distress
    • Add to a Goddess of Willendorf spell to invite solutions to physical distress
    • Add to a open roads spell to open up new and novel solutions
    • Add to a blessing spell to invite solutions to spiritual distress
    • Or add to any other spell where you would like to add more healing power

    The Healing Spell Booster Pack works well with any spell where you want to bring an element of emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical healing to a spell. As with all healing spells, it may bring spontaneous healing or more likely it will bring you the information, healthcare providers, or medicines that will transform the situation. Spells are not a substitute for licensed healthcare but can be used to support the highest and best outcomes.

    This Spell Booster Pack is designed to help you customize and amplify your spell work. It is recommended that you add this Booster Pack to a Parlour of Wonders Spell Kit that has a figural candle.

    Use this booster pack to enhance or add additional customized elements to a spell. You can choose to add it to a similar Spell Kit or mix and match with a spell kit for a different intention. For example, you could use this Healing Spell Booster Pack along with any Healing spell kit to amplify its healing power or with a spell kit for Reconciliation to heal the emotions in a relationship.

    Booster Packs are designed to be added to any Spell Kit that we offer at the Parlour of Wonders to turn it into a deluxe spell kit! The Empowerment Candle Spell Booster Pack comes with:

    • 4 Thick Blue Tapers to use as support candles

    • 2 Herb Packets to add to the herbs in your spell kit

    • A Spell Kit sized bottle of Holy Healing oil

    • A bottle of blue real glass glitter

    • An Agatized Coral gemstone to amplify your healing

    • A Petition Paper for you to write out your intentions

    • Complete instructions on how to add these elements to your candle spell

    Everything that you need to make your candle spell extra special and extra powerful.

    2 reviews for Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack

    1. Tegan Mustain

      I appreciate the help these booster packs give when you have an intention. You can learn a lot from Madame P in what she chooses to send with them and her explanations. Buying several of these has helped me expand my knowledge and try new oils and gemstones I would have perhaps not thought of.

    2. Gihann (verified owner)

      Top notch quality packed w care excited to use 🙂

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