Hickory Incense of the West


The fragrant smoke of Hickory Incense of the West will remind you of family barbecues filled with fun and camping trips with stories told around the campfire.

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Hickory is slow to grow, signifying an alignment with the virtues of patience and perseverance. It also produces a pleasant smoke and can be used as an incense in rites of steadfastness, perseverance and staying the course as well as to increase courage and improve resolve.

Hickory is technically not an “Incense of the West” as it grows mostly in the southeast. It is a tall tree that has a shaggy bark when mature. The wood is hard and the smoke is used for cooking much like mesquite and alder.

This  charming vintage printed box contains 40 hickory incense bricks. Light them as you would any incense cone. They are especially magical with our Terracotta Incense Burners.


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