Honey Jar Spell Kit


A Honey Jar is a more complex ongoing spell used to gain favor or “sweeten” somebody toward you. Whether it’s a lover, family member, boss, friend, neighbor, teacher, client, landlord or judge, if you need them to think positively toward you, a honey jar spell does the trick.

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Honey Jars are an old-time method of influence magic. Like the sweetness of the honey, this spell is designed to get someone to sweeten their feelings toward you. While most honey jar work that my clients do is for romantic love – either to get someone to move out of the “friend zone” and into more passionate feelings, or to reconcile with a lover after a break up, there is definitely a place for honey jar work in more platonic relationships. Many clients have done honey jar work on family members, bosses, neighbors, and judges to get these people feeling more kindly toward them.

Honey Jar work is rarely fast-acting. Depending on the situation, it can take weeks, or even months to get a result. But, if you have tried other spells and have seen no results or feel a strong resistance coming from the other person, then a honey jar may be the perfect solution to “wear them down” and get them to be sweeter toward you. Many of my clients have reported that in situations where nothing else would work, because the person was so willful and defiantly negative toward them, they were finally able to slowly melt their coldness, indifference or even hatred because they were consistent in working on their honey jar.

This custom honey jar spell kit includes everything you need to effectively influence someone in a positive way.

This spell kit includes

  • A jar of honey in an old-fashioned corked honey jar

  • Brown paper for your petition

  • 3 lovingly handmade beeswax thick taper candles

  • 5 packets of herbs to support your spell intention

  • The perfect spiritual oil

  • complete instructions for working the spell

  • Add the optional Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells book for a complete masterclass in Honey Jar spells

  • And all of this magical loveliness will be nestled in old-fashioned excelsior in a rustic box.

All you need to make your spell complete is a pen to write your petition, a spoon for the honey and, if your spell is for love, a piece of your hair and the hair of your beloved.

Included are three thick beeswax tapers, enough for one week (on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule) or three days (on a daily schedule) of work. Honey jar spells are ongoing, so purchase extra tapers to continue your work – either beeswax slim tapers or thick tapers.

Click on the video below for guidance on how to do a honey jar spell for love.


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