Honey Jar Spell Service – One Month Renewal


If you have already purchased a Honey Jar Spell Service, you can choose the One Month Renewal to continue your honey jar spell for additional months.



If we have already started a honey jar and both agree that it would be beneficial to go beyond the initial month, then you can select this option.

If you have not yet ordered a honey jar, please order a honey jar spell service for the first month instead of this option.

Please select the same spell caster who started your honey jar spell and they will continue to burn a beeswax taper on your honey jar each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks.

While the candle is burning, they will take a photograph with a name placard identifying that the honey jar is yours. If you would like to extend your service for additional months, please order a one-month renewal of an existing honey jar within seven days of the end of your initial month.

If you do not extend your service for an additional month, you have a seven-day grace period to order having your honey jar shipped to you. If you do not order a renewal or the honey jar shipped to you, we will ritually dispose of it after seven days (and the renewal or shipping options will no longer be available to you).

While the candle is burning, we will email you a photograph of it with a name placard identifying that the candle is yours. When the month is complete, we will email you a photograph showing the honey jar progress.

If you order the optional candle report, you will receive a report from your spellcaster where they will show you your candle remains, give you an interpretation of those remains, tell you what actions would be helpful to reach your goals and what to expect from the work.


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