Honey Jar Spell – One Month


A honey Jar spell is ongoing spell work used to sweeten someone’s feelings toward you. This kind of work is perfect for a family member, boss, neighbor, judge or a reluctant lover.


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Please note: We recommend booking a tarot reading before ordering complex candle spells so that wecan advise you as to the best candle work for your situation.

If you order this candle spell, please read and agree to the Spellwork Agreement.

When you order a Honey Jar Spell, you can write out your petition by clicking on the “Add To Cart” button above. If there are specific people involved, please include the names and birthdates of you and any other applicable parties. If we are working on a romantic relationship, please mail one of your hairs and a hair from your target to our factory mailing address:

Parlour of Wonders

8859 Canoga Ave.

Canoga Park, CA 91304

We will create a honey jar for your intention, and burn a beeswax taper on it each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks.

While the candle is burning, we will take a photograph with a name placard identifying that the honey jar is yours. When the month is complete, you have the option of extending the work on a month-by-month basis, if we both agree that this would be beneficial. If you have already ordered a honey jar spell for one month and would like to extend it for additional months, please order a one-month renewal of an existing honey jar.

While the candle is burning, we will email you a photograph of it with a name placard identifying that the candle is yours. When the month is complete, we will email you a photograph showing the honey jar.

If you order the optional candle report, you will receive a post-spell video emailed to you. In this video, we will show you your candle remains, give you an interpretation of those remains, tell you what actions would be helpful to reach your goals and what to expect from the work.


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