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Hoodoo Herbal: Folk Recipes for Conjure & Spellwork with Herbs, Houseplants, Roots, and Oils by Starr Casas

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    This definitive guide to Hoodoo plant magic contains detailed information on dozens of roots and herbs.

    In Hoodoo Herbal, Starr Casas shares a lifetime of experience and family secrets in her usual plain-spoken, direct, and friendly style.

    Mama Starr makes Hoodoo plant magic accessible to all. For example, snake plants (Dracaena trifasciata)—common houseplants that are readily available at garden stores and supermarkets—possess a long reputation for successfully keeping lying tongues from disrupting your home. As their leaves resemble a double-edged sword, they are believed able to cut through malicious works (spells) that may have been sent against you. They are valued for their anti-gossip properties.

    The book features information about a wide variety of plants and how to use them, as well as practical tips regarding planting seeds, cutting, transplanting, and caring for plants so that they will care for you, too. Starr advises that as the plants thrive and grow, the works for which they are used will grow stronger, too—as will you.

    “Mama Starr’s Hoodoo Herbal contains herbal techniques that she has previously only ever shared in person or through her private classes. Much of the information found here will not be found anywhere else. Anyone interested in Conjure/Rootwork and looking for an herbal resource, this book is it. Highly recommended for anyone interested in herbal folklore.” —Charity Bedell, author of Container Magic and co-author of The Good Witch’s Guide
    “Filled with down-home charm, essential bible verses, recipes, valuable herb, plant, and root correspondences, and a whole lot of real talk, Hoodoo Herbal: Folk Recipes for Conjure & Spellwork with Herbs, Houseplants, Roots, and Oils should be explored by every aspiring conjure worker. The passing along of practical information is essential to the history and preservation of any craft, and Starr Casas shines brightly here in the sharing of her knowledge and lived conjure experiences.” —Cairelle Crow, owner of Sacred Roots, and editor of Brigid’s Light
    “With Hoodoo Herbal, Starr Casas has produced an outstanding compendium of lore, recipes, prayers, bible passages, spells, allied spirits, and other practices, all steeped in the depth, potency, practicality, and authenticity of living folk magic—the hallmark of all her works. Starr’s book goes beyond the usual offerings of plant magic books to include potent, time-honored techniques that awaken and increase the spirit and the power. This is what makes the work really work!” —Orion Foxwood, author of Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work
    “Starr Casas does it again!  In Hoodoo Herbal, she provides a complete foundation and working knowledge of some of the most important components of Hoodoo and Conjure:  herbs.  Plants are at the foundation of most magical practices, especially Hoodoo.  This book empowers the reader to have the knowledge of using these essential items in a way that creates massive change.  A must-read.” —Hector Salva, author of The 21 Divisions and Espiritismo

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