Horn Athame Ritual Knife


The Horn Athame or Ritual Knife can be used to carve inscriptions in your candles or as a magical tool in banishing rituals.

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    An athame is a ceremonial blade and is one of the main magical tools of ceremonial magicians, neopagans, Wiccans and other magical practitioners.  A black-handled knife called an arthame appears in certain versions of the Key of Solomon, a grimoire dating back to the Renaissance.  The athame represents one of the four elemental tools in modern occultism, traditionally standing for fire or air, and can be used to cast a circle or keep spirits in check.

    This ritual knife is made entirely of ethically-sourced water buffalo horn and has a safely dulled edge. You won’t be able to slice or dice anything with it but you can most certainly use it to inscribe beeswax candles. It can even be used in a mundane way as a letter opener. We won’t judge.

    Each one is slightly different and all are unique. Water Buffalo Horn is made of keratin – the same material as hair and fingernails . It is completely natural and biodegradable.

    Horn is a natural material and should be treated with care.

    • Store in a cool, dry place, away from extremes of temperature and humidity.
    • Never soak or immerse the athame in water.
    • Occasionally nourish with a little almond, coconut or olive oil.
    • Do not use with sharp utensils as horn is easily scratched.
    • Clean your horn knife with a dry cloth or tissue.
    • You may also wipe with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water, and then wipe clean with a wet soap-free cloth and then rub with a little almond, olive or coconut oil after cleaning to maintain its condition.

    9″ long


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