Hot Foot Bath Crystals


(also known as Drive Away or Moving) Many claim this has helped to drive unwanted persons from their lives. 2 oz.

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Hot Foot, also known as Drive Away or Get Away, is alleged to rid one of bad neighbors, freeloaders, evil companions, or cruel ex-lovers and cause them to roam the world alone and unsatisfied. This is not a strong tool used to not only get rid of someone but to cross them as well. To rid yourself of someone without the crossing effect, you should look to Separation or Banishing products.

This wash is to be used, not on yourself, but as a floor wash in the location you wish the offending person to leave.  Dissolve these Scented Crystals in a pail of warm water and use as a Floor Wash to rid the home of Foul Odors and to get troubling folks out.


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