Icelandic Wayfinder Rune Amulet


The Icelandic Wayfinder Rune Amulet can be carried while traveling or whenever you need empowerment, protection, or are feeling lost in your life.

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The Vegvisir, or Wayfinder, stave bind rune is used to help your way and protect you from harm. Traditionally, its purpose is to aid its bearer through rough weather — helping whoever carries it to find his way home in unfamiliar surroundings. Its original manuscript declares that “if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known”

The Wayfinder has been called a Runic Compass due to its appearance of having points resembling the cardinal directions. Around the stave bind rune are a rune spell of protection from defeat.

Carry this amulet whenever

  • You are traveling
  • You need protection
  • You are feeling lost or directionless
  • You want to be victorious
  • You are experiencing storms in life

The Icelandic Wayfinder Rune Amulet is made of solid Iron-Zinc alloy stamped on both sides and comes in a removable protective plastic case.

1.75″ in diameter


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