Incense Burner Sand


Colorful sand for intentional, safe, and magical incense burning.


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Charcoal and cone incense get hot and can heat up your dish or incense burner to the point that it leaves burn marks on your furniture. To prevent this, use sand or white ash at the bottom of your burner to keep things cool.

Simply add sand to the bottom of your dish or container at least 1/4″ (5mm) deep. Place your lit cone or charcoal on the sand and you’re good to go.

This special incense burner sand comes in magical colors to give extra oomph to your spell work.

  • Green for money

  • Red for love

  • White for cleansing

  • Yellow for luck and success

  • Blue for healing or communication

  • Purple for power and authority

  • Black for control or protection

  • Rainbow for blessings of all kinds

 Comes packaged in an old time re-useable cloth sack. 

4 oz.


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