Japanese Lavender Cone Incense and Holder


Lavender is used to bring a peaceful loving relationship. Use this Japanese Lavender Cone Incense and Holder for your most sincere love spells.

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    Japanese incense is among the highest quality incense that money can buy. This low-smoke incense is perfect to imbue your space with magic and an enticing fragrance.

    Enjoy five richly scented incense cones and an eco-friendly disposable cone stand in a clever new package! These deluxe cones are created to evoke the feeling of a lavender field in springtime.

    Lavender incense can be used to bring peace, calm, tranquility as well as in spells to invite a love with these qualities. It can also be used to bring the soothing fragrance of lavender to your room.

    Ways to use this Incense:

    • Burn this incense in your home to imbue your space with this intent.
    • Burn this incense as you pray or do spells.
    • Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body.
    • Light this incense before doing spell work and let it burn while you dress and light your candles to elevate and empower your work.
    • Feed and cleanse your mojo bag by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke.

    5 exquisite incense cones

    Eco-friendly incense holder

    Approx. burning time: 10 min. per cone


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