Jasmine Soulmate Cone Incense Gift Set and Burner


Jasmine is used to attract a spiritual love and to aid in dreamwork and prosperity spells.

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    Jasmine incense can be burned at night to invite psychic dreams. It can also be lit to increase the spiritual aspects of love of a spiritual nature, such as attracting a soul mate, a twin flame or someone with whom you have a past life connection. Jasmine incense can also be used in spells to increase wealth.

    Shoyeido’s Floral World cone-shaped incense is a colorful alternative to the familiar “joss stick” format. No detail is overlooked in our formulation of these charming recipes. Only top-grade herbs, woods, essential oils, and other natural ingredients are used in our cones.

    • 1 gift box of 36 jasmine-scented incense cones

    • Approx. burning time: 10 min. per cone

    For more ideas on how to work with cone incense, please watch my Cone Incense Magic video below:


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