June Cancer New Moon Rose Romance Spell


RESERVATIONS FOR THIS SPELL OPEN JUNE 8, 2022 at 12 NOON PACIFIC – Until that date and time, this item will appear as “Sold Out”

The Cancer New Moon is perfect for bringing in a heart-connected, passionate romance. Cancer is the sign of nurturing love and so it is the perfect moon to initiate a better version of love in your life — one that feeds the emotions as well as elicits off the charts chemistry. Whether it is deepening the love in an existing relationship or bringing in a new truly romantic love, this spell will work to bring that perfect romantic partner closer.

The master candle of this spell is a red rose candle meant to open up a deeply passionate romantic love.

Use this spell service to

  • influence someone to deepen their feelings for you

  • bring back the passion in your relationship

  • turn a friend into a lover

  • amp up your attraction powers and sex appeal

  • bring a new love into your life

  • bring an old love back into your life

  • feel excitement and enthusiasm in your relationship

  • draw your soul mate to you


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The New Moon is a powerful portal of magic and transformation. Each New Moon coincides astrologically to the Sun, so each New Moon we have a potent timing for exceptional spell work. This is ancient magic meant to bring powerful and positive changes into your life and there are a few ways that you can participate.

For this spell kit, there is only one option – the deluxe spell kit – as I will be out of town at the end of June.

Do It Yourself

New Moon Spell Kit – A deluxe spell kit shipped to you with complete instructions and all materials provided (except for a tray or dish and matches)

New Moon Spell Kit

June 8 – 12 Noon Pacific – Rose Romance Spell – Spell Kit – Reservations Open

June 14 – 12 Noon Pacific – Rose Romance Spell – Spell Kit – Reservations Close

This deluxe spell kit includes:

  • Red Beeswax Rose Candle

  • 4 Thick Beeswax Tapers

  • 3 Packets of Herbs

  • 5 Oils (1 spell kit-sized, 4 sample-sized)

  • Brass Nail

  • Brown Paper Bag

  • Red Glass Glitter

  • Complete instructions for creating the Cancer New Moon Passionate Romance Spell

You are welcome to purchase this option along with the New Moon Spell Service so that we are both doing spells for your intention together.

To order this option, select New Moon Spell Kit Only.


Important dates for this spell:

June 8 – 12 Noon Pacific – Rose Romance Spell – Spell Kit, Spell Kit and Workshop, and Spell Service – Reservations Open

June 14 – 12 Noon Pacific – Rose Romance Spell – Spell Kit and Spell Kit and Workshop – Reservations Close

June 28 – Cancer New Moon


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