Juniper Incense of the West


Juniper Incense of the West will transport you with hints of the morning and evening smoke rising from the chimneys in sleepy villages.

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Juniper is used for protection against evil forces or people, for sexual love magic and for healing spiritually-caused sickness. Juniper has many uses, and these handy incense bricks, made from real locally-sourced botanicals, are perfect for your next spell, ritual, or ceremony.

Juniper grows throughout the United States. The wood is quite fragrant when burned but is also used for fence posts and long straight poles. The Rocky Mountain Juniper that makes up this incense is the source of many beautiful sub-species, varying in height from 6 inches to 40 feet.

This  charming vintage printed box contains 40 juniper incense bricks. Light them as you would any incense cone.


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