Large Old-Fashioned Brass Taper Candle Holder


This large solid brass candle holder is the perfect tool for holding our jumbo candles and double action candles.

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    Whether you want your spellwork to be out for all to see, or keep in on the down low, this brass taper holder will allow you to burn candles in safety – catching any wax drips and keeping your altar protected from the heat of the burning candle.

    Sometimes we like to do our work in secret and burning a taper candle in this nondescript holder will let you do just that! Put your petition paper under the holder and no one will know you’re actually doing a spell!

    If you’re more open with your magic, you can place herbs that support your spellwork around the candle in the handy tray. This candle holder is the perfect size to hold our Beeswax Jumbo Candles and Beeswax Double Action Candles, but can also accommodate our Thick Tapers and Tall Tapers.

    The golden color of this brass holder is ideally suited for spells to attract prosperity or draw attention to our endeavors.

    Measures 3″H x 4.5″W and holds candles that are .75″ – 1.75” in diameter


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