Life-Sized Black Ceramic Skull


Connect with your ancestors, create a devotional altar to Santa Muerte or Baba Yaga, or just add an extra witchy vibe to your space with this beautiful life-sized ceramic skull.

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Skull images are used to connect to our ancestors or for devotion to goddesses like Santa Muerte or Baba Yaga. This life-sized ceramic skull with its matte black finish will add a seriously cool vibe to your altar.

The bottom of the ceramic skull has two holes which can be used for adding petitions, herbs or personal concerns.

Ways to use this devotional skull:

  • Light taper candles around or on top of the skull for your ancestor or goddess devotions

  • Bless the skull and use it for sympathetic magic where you influence the thoughts of someone else

  • Write your petitions on pieces of paper and insert them into the bottom of the skull to ask for the help of your ancestors

Measures 7” x 5.5” x 4.5”


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