Lion’s Paw Shell Incense Burner

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You will find so many ways to bring these gorgeous big Lion’s Paw Shells into your magic for strength, empowerment, confidence and success.

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    Calling all mermaids, lion lovers and magicians who connect to the ocean! If you are ready to make your water magic even more powerful, this lion paw shell will come roaring in to help. We love using artifacts like shells in our magic because they bring the support of the natural world to your spells. What better ally could you have in your magic?

    Lion’s Paw shells are used in spells for health, strength, self confidence, success, victory, and stopping gossip. Use this shell to decorate your altar or as a holder for your incense, special waters, or magical salts.

    How can you use this shell in your magic:

    • Use as an offering bowl for your ancestors
    • Place a few tablespoons of incense burner sand in the shell and use as an incense burner for herb bundles, charcoal, stick or cone incense
    • Place it on your altar with blessed water as a natural chalice
    • Use it as a beautiful bowl for storing your crystals, runes or charm casting set
    • Use it as a scoop for your bath salts (and leave it in your bathroom as a beautiful decorative piece)

    These extra-large shells vary in color from deep purple, to rusty brown to peachy brown.

    Each shell measures 5″-6″

    1 review for Lion’s Paw Shell Incense Burner

    1. Ellen (verified owner)

      I was not expecting the shell to be so big and I love it!! It is worth the price!! It will fit perfectly with my collection of shells from the Jersey shore. Thank you.

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