Llewellyn’s Little Book of the Day of the Dead


Llewellyn’s Little Book of the Day of the Dead by Jaime Girones

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Celebrate the revered Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos with this beautiful little book. Packed with activities, recipes, spells, and rituals, this pocket-sized guide is a must-have tool for honoring the sacred dead. Author Jaime Gironés shares authentic ways to respectfully enjoy this holiday, from creating an altar to baking pan de muerto (bread of the dead).

Sharing his personal experiences and recommendations, Jaime guides you through the Day of the Dead’s origins, history, and modern celebrations. Discover how to build an altar, set out your ancestors’ favorite foods, and invite the spirits to a feast. Explore the significance of marigolds, sugar skulls, and monarch butterflies. You’ll also learn how to say goodbye when celebrations are over. This book provides everything needed to honor the dead and share your love and abundance with them.

“If you’ve ever been curious about Dia de los Muertos, Llewellyn’s Little Book of the Day of the Dead will enlighten and inspire you. It packs much in-depth knowledge and information about this beautiful Mexican holiday. Whether you just want to deepen your understanding or would like solid practical advice on how to respectfully connect with your ancestors in this tradition, you have a complete guide in Jaime’s delightful book. It’s filled with actividades that can involve the whole family and wise advice on how to approach the ancient seasonal rituals with reverence. Anyone who is passionate about Mexican culture and spirituality or interested in the unique ways spiritualism is expressed around the world will love this book.”—Madame Pamita, author of The Book of Candle Magic

“What an absolutely terrific book! There’s nothing ‘little’ about Gironés work in these pages, either. It’s the perfect mix of history, doing, and nuance for anyone interested in Day of the Dead celebrations. You’ll be coming back to this one at the end of October year after year.”—Jason Mankey, author of Witch’s Wheel of the Year

“A compact compendium of well-curated info, experience, and insight into Mexico’s Día de los Muertos holiday by an authentic practitioner; the perfect starting point for people of all backgrounds who are new and curious about our culture’s ancient celebration as well as a great resource guide for the experienced and adept who are well familiar with Underworld and ancestral magic.”—Tomás Prower, author of La Santa Muerte

“Jaime Gironés dispels some of the myths around this cultural phenomenon and offers simple methods to honor this holiday, regardless of your own cultural background. Gironés gives us context by examining the history as well as the multifaceted practices and lore necessary to have a balanced understanding of this important and culturally rich celebration.”—Storm Faerywolf, author of The Witch’s Name

“Jaime Gironés is a charming and wise guide to exploring the Day of the Dead traditions, sharing the past and present while acknowledging the living traditions of the future with a variety of activities the reader can do. He deftly handles such topics as the line between appreciation and appropriation; the ancestors’ ability to appear at more than one altar at the same time; and most importantly, our fears, grief, and relationship with death, all while joyfully taking us through the celebration.”—Christopher Penczak, author of The Temple of Witchcraft series

196 pp.

5×7” Hardcover


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