Lover’s Eye Matches


Do you have your eye on someone? Lover’s Eye Matches can be used for bringing an extra dose of love to your candle spells and incense magic.

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    Eye miniatures, also known as lover’s eyes, were miniature painted jewelry that showed up across Britain in the 1700s and were en vogue for shorter than half a century. Most were commissioned as gifts expressing devotion between loved ones. They were intimate and exceedingly precious: eyes painted on bits of ivory no bigger than a pinky nail, then set inside ruby-garlanded brooches, pearl-encrusted rings, or ornate golden charms meant to be tucked into pockets, or pinned close to the heart.

    Show your devotion with these matches depicting a Lover’s Eye and use them in your most magical love spell to bring ardent passion.

    Many spell workers prefer to use matches over lighters. They are environmentally friendly and add an old-time touch to your candle spells. These longer “kitchen matches” give you time to light several candles with each strike.

    Use matches that match your spell. These lovely wooden safety matches are tipped with green match heads and are extra long to allow you you light more than one candle without burning your fingers. Once you’ve used up the matches, the vintage-style matchbox can be used for holding trinkets, petitions, or special love wishes.

    Safety matches, 50 sticks per box

    Measurement – 4.25” x 2.25”


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