Madame Pamita – Over the Radiowaves – Digital Download


On an enchanted moonlit night in the summer of 2009, Madame Pamita and John Groover McDuffie, otherwise known as the Six-String Scot, went up to radio station KXLU and magically sent musical messages through the aether. This recording is documentation of that mystic event.

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Madame Pamita’s Theme Song (Live on KXLU)

He’s in the Jailhouse Now (Live on KXLU)

My Southern Can is Mine (Live on KXLU)

Do Whatever You Please (Live on KXLU)

Love is Good (Live on KXLU)

Cocaine (Live on KXLU)

No Bad News (Live on KXLU)

Cocaine Habit Blues (Live on KXLU)


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