Madame Pamita Spiritual Cologne

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Bathe your senses and delight your spirit – for a limited time, your favorite Madame Pamita Spiritual Oils are now available in luxurious cologne form.



Treat your soul and your senses to an elevated spiritual experience. You favorite witchcrafted Parlour of Wonders formulas are now available in cologne form.

This world-class fragrance is infused with a sprinkling of real gemstone crystals. Each 50ml bottle is made with the same proprietary essential oil and perfume formulas as our spiritual oils but comes in a handy alcohol-based form. The deluxe heavy glass atomizer perfume bottle comes packaged in a velvet bag.

You can use them in so many ways:

  • Use it as a daily fragrance infused with your spiritual intention
  • Spray it on cloth, paper or other items that would normally be stained by oils to empower them with magic
  • Use it as a smokeless incense in your home or sacred spaces

These crystal-infused scents are not only magical, they are truly delicious fragrances that you will love to wear:

  • Absolute Power – a woody scent with notes of fresh ginger and bloodstone gemstones to enhance your personal empowerment
  • Abundant Prosperity – a creamy, spicy gourmand scent with notes of musk and vanilla and emerald gemstones to invite wealth and prosperity
  • Block Buster – a bracing fresh scent with top notes of camphor and citrus and rutilated quartz gemstones to break through the toughest spiritual blocks
  • Bountiful Blessings – a delicious resinous gourmand scent with a hint of frankincense and goldstone gemstones to shower blessings on you
  • Come to Me – a sensual musky floral scent with notes of dark aged patchouli and pink opal gemstones to bring your love closer
  • Domination – an enticing woodsy gourmand scent with cedarwood and dark coffee notes and red aventurine gemstones to conquer the toughest situations
  • Dragon’s Blood – a heady, sensual fragrance with strong notes of spice and dragon stone gemstones for fiercely protective energy
  • Energetic Purification – a bright herbal citrus scent with notes of myrrh and clear quartz gemstones to spiritually purify and cleanse
  • Faithful Marriage – a gently sweet orange flower scent with a touch of sweet basil and jade gemstones to bring fidelity and stability
  • Fame and Fortune – a delicious creamy gourmand scent with citrus and spice overtones and sunstone gemstones to bring positive attention to you or your project
  • Fire of Desire – a sweet and spicy gourmand scent with hints of patchouli and ginger and red tigers eye gemstones to ignite sizzling passion
  • Good Luck – a warm, creamy scent with a touch of anise and green aventurine gemstones to bring lucky breaks and a winning edge
  • Grand Success – a woodsy spice and mellow citrus scent with bergamot top notes and tigers eye gemstones to crown your achievements with success
  • High Creativity – a deliciously complex gourmand scent of seeds and resins with a hint of juicy fruits and picasso stone gemstones to open up intelligence and creativity
  • Holy Healing – a soothing and uplifting herbal floral scent with notes of carnation and rose and agatized coral gemstones to invite spiritual and emotional healing
  • Instant Gratification – an energizing spicy amber scent with notes of ginger and allspice and pink aventurine gemstones to speed along your positive outcomes
  • Joie de Vivre – a bubbly herbal and citrus scent with hints of juicy grapefruit and chrysoprase gemstones to spark joy and happiness
  • Magnetic Attraction – a warm spice and woodsy herbal scent with overtones of amber and musk and blue goldstone gemstones to attract what you desire
  • Money Magnet – a true traditional eau de cologne fougère scent with the slightest hint of mint and green tree agate gemstones to draw money to you quickly
  • Native Spirit – an earthy citrus, floral, mossy scent with overtones of warm amber and petrified wood gemstones to connect to ancestors and the land
  • New Romance – a rich, warm vanilla fragrance with a hint of spice and moonstone gemstones to draw a new relationship into your life
  • Open Roads – a zesty, clean, citrus and grass scent with overtones of vetiver and zebra marble gemstones to clear the way to manifestations
  • Peace and Tranquility – a tranquil floral scent with a touch of warm buttery coconut and amethyst gemstones to bring harmony and calm
  • Powerful Protection – a woodsy, resinous incense scent with a hint of black pepper and wormwood and black tourmaline gemstones to provide spiritual security
  • Psychic Eye – a strong note of black tea with notes of green anise and labradorite gemstones to open intuition and psychic awareness
  • Queen Elizabeth – a powdery gourmand with warm honey overtones and amazonite gemstones to bring true self-empowerment and attraction
  • Release and Restore – a woody fragrance with strong cedar notes and a touch of lavender and rainbow obsidian gemstones to bring emotional healing and restoration
  • Return to Me – a sweet, resinous fragrance with petally overtones and howlite gemstones to bring back who or what has left you
  • Santa Muerte – a rose-centric floral with a touch of deep tobacco and snowflake obsidian gemstones to honor Santa Muerte or connect to mother deities
  • Self Love – a fresh, clean grassy fragrance with herbal rose notes and kambaba jasper gemstones to empower healthy self-love
  • Soul Mate – a musky amber scent with green, dry herbal overtones and garnet gemstones to strengthen and deepen commitments
  • Spirit Guide – a tannic herbal green tea scent with overtones of indolic ylang ylang  and rainbow fluorite gemstones to assist in connecting to spirit guides and ancestor spirits
  • Steady Work – a heady, sensual spice and amber scent with hints of holy basil and moss agate gemstones to bring success in the workplace
  • Supreme Confidence – a delicious, slightly sweet fruit fragrance with a touch of bergamot and crazy lace agate gemstones to build self-confidence and self worth
  • Sweet Reconciliation – a juicy, fruity herbal scent with notes of amber and rose and fancy jasper gemstones to bring a make up after a break up
  • Talk to Me – a deliciously warm and creamy gourmand scent with a hint of white flowers and chrysocolla gemstones to open up clear communication
  • True Love – a scent that is equal parts juicy fruit and herbal spice with notes of freshly grated ginger and rose quartz gemstones to open up the heart to love
  • Truth and Justice – a cool, clean scent with a touch of herbal dill seed and aquamarine gemstones to bring true justice and reveal the truth
  • Upper Hand – a bracing herbal with gentle terpene overtones of juniper and forest wood and carnelian gemstones to give you the advantage in a situation
  • Van Van – a true, zesty lemony herbal with sparkling fresh lemongrass notes to turn back negativity and turn bad luck to good

50ml glass atomizer bottle in a velvet bag

5 reviews for Madame Pamita Spiritual Cologne

  1. TheLoveWitchNYC

    These smell SO good! Best of all within a few hours of my first spray of Fame & Fortune Cologne I already had a text from a reporter requesting to interview me. Powerful product!!!!

  2. Jennifer Menard (verified owner)

    I purchased Bountiful Blessings and it smells absolutely amazing!!! I will not by commercial perfume again. I even feel blessed wearing the perfume and received compliments. The smell lifts my spirits and truly feel blessed.

  3. Cybil (verified owner)

    Abundant prosperity cologne came in a spell kit i ordered and it smells nice.

  4. Cybil Perry (verified owner)

    The Queen Elizabet Cologne smell sooooo good. I use it everyday and i feel confident and empowered while i wear it. its my new fav smell so far.

  5. Jean Menard (verified owner)

    I purchased the Bountiful Blessing perfume and love, love the scent! I look forward for unexpected Blessings in all forms. My new go to happy place to buy oils and perfumes

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