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Magic for Troubled Times: Ritual, Recipes and Real Talk for Witches by Deborah Castellano

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    Spells, Rituals, and Guidance for Your Transformative Journey through Troubled Times

    Magic is always possible, even when it’s hard to see. No matter what you’re struggling with, this book can help you overcome it. Featuring gentle ways to recover and a magical plan of action, Magic for Troubled Times gives you the courage to reach the joyful times in your future.

    Deborah Castellano sits you down for some real talk on how to navigate difficult waters, whether you’re facing a pandemic or a messy breakup. She first helps you get back on your feet, and then she guides each step forward with grounding and healing exercises, protection and money spell work, delicious recipes, and more. From luck and glamour magic to offerings and hexing, this book is full of useful strategies for both getting through the roughest parts of life and making each day better.

    “At some point in our lives we all face troubled times. Whether it is a shock that a whole community or even the world experiences alongside us or a personal loss that becomes private grieving we hold in our hearts, none of us are immune. But, when we go through these difficult or traumatic moments, it helps to have someone to assist you in picking up the pieces. Reading Magic for Troubled Times is the help that you need when you have to navigate those rough waters. Reading Deborah Castellano’s words evokes that magical auntie who will come over to your house, wipe your tears away with a wet washcloth, help you put away the clothes scattered all over the floor and give you a spell to do that will magically make you feel that you can face another day. If, like me, you find magic to be a source of healing, you will refer to this book again and again whenever you need to lean on something to get through the tough stuff.”—Madame Pamita, author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft and The Book of Candle Magic

    “Deborah’s book offers everything I love in a book about the craft, it’s practical and very applicable in today’s current world climate, and will still be relevant for future generations as well. Her writing style is very candid and refreshing.”—Eron Mazza, host of The Witching hour with Eron Mazza podcast

    “There is a hunger for books about mental health and resilience that are written from a pagan perspective, and we should all be grateful that Deborah Castellano is adding to this body of knowledge…She alternates between coaching readers on the sheer mental fortitude needed to begin to recover and taking a deep dive into a particular esoteric approach to crisis. From hoodoo to ceremonial magic, this book covers everything from aligning oneself with a higher purpose to dealing with people whose gossip is keeping you down.”—Terence P. Ward, author of Empty Cauldrons

    “Magic is essential today, especially during difficult times, and Magic for Troubled Times gives an accessible blueprint on how to incorporate magic into your coping strategy.”—Chaweon Koo, author of Spell Bound

    “Deb Castellano opens every chapter with a window into her life during the height of the pandemic and attempted coup d’état in the United States. It’s a bold and tangible display of how the recipes and rituals she provides served her during these uncertain times…From healing, to money, to fighting back with hexes, this book provides powerful sorcery fit for volatile times.”—Jason Miller, author of Consorting with Spirits

    “There’s no witch I’d rather go through a crisis with than Deb Castellano. Compassionate, wise, and approachable, Deb’s latest work is a lifeline for anyone who’s been dealt a bad hand of tarot cards. Whatever storm you find yourself in today, it too shall pass; and when it does, you’ll be glad you had her on your side.”—Mallorie Vaudoise, author of Honoring Your Ancestors

    “OG glamour magic goddess, Deborah Castellano, is simply beyond compare. Not only is she a most fabulous auntie witch, who dispenses difficult advice with equal parts compassion and candor, but she’s also a devoted partner in crime who will watch your back, straighten your crown, and tell you truthfully if your lipstick is smeared. Magic for Troubled Times is a crucial read for savvy witches seeking to keep sane (while still getting what we want) as we navigate our individual paths in this ever-evolving new normal. Read this book. Read it twice. You won’t regret it.”—Tara-Love Maguire, coauthor of Besom, Stang & Sword

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