Magic Potion Infusers


Add extra intention to your potions and infusion with these symbolically shaped infusers.



Magic potions are a powerful method of taking your magic internally. And creating a potion can be as simple as taking some healthful herbs, adding them to one of these magical infusers, placing in a cup, and pouring boiling water over them. Use one of our prepared potions or invent your own.

Use a star infuser to bring success and blessings to your spells.

Use the moon infuser for magic and opening up your psychic abilities.

Use a heart infuser to make love potions for yourself or others.

The traditional spring-action infuser opens up like a clam to receive your herbs with just a squeeze of the handle. Release the squeeze and the infuser closes, keeping your herbs from floating every which way in your brew.

The push plunger infuser opens up with a push of the thumb to receive your herbs for your favorite concoctions.


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