Magic Potion Infusers


Magic Potion Infusers make any brew more magical. Add extra intention to your potions and infusion with these symbolically shaped infusers.



Magic potion is a powerful method of taking your magic internally. And creating a potion can be as simple as taking some healthful herbs, adding them to one of these magical infusers, placing in a cup, and pouring boiling water over them. Use one of our prepared potions or invent your own.

  • Use a star infuser to bring success and blessings to your spells.
  • Use the moon infuser for magic and opening up your psychic abilities.
  • Use a heart infuser to make love potions for yourself or others.

The traditional spring-action infuser opens up like a clam to receive your herbs with just a squeeze of the handle. Release the squeeze and the infuser closes, keeping your herbs from floating every which way in your brew of magic potion. Available in Heart and Star shape.

The push plunger infuser opens up with a push of the thumb to receive your herbs for your favorite concoctions. Available in Heart shape.

The hanging infuser snaps open and shut with a small latch and comes with a handy tray to catch drips. Available in Moon shape.

These infusers don’t have to be used just for potions! You can use them with any loose leaf tea to make it more magical! Simply visualize your intention moving into the leaves as you pack the infuser. Remember to pick a tea with the highest quality of ingredients when creating your potion. Read more about making your own magic potions with items from your kitchen in this blog post!

Always be cautious when selecting magical herbs to add to a potion, do your research and be sure that every herb you’re adding is ingestible and safe for you to use. Want to learn more about why herbs are used in magic? Check out episode 41 of my Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast.

Learn More About Your Magic Potion

Check out all of our potion spell kits here. Want to know more about working with potions? Check out this video from Madame Pamita’s Youtube Channel:


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