Magical Milagros Charm Grab Bag


The Magical Milagros Charm Grab Bag includes 10 different vintage milagro charms that you can wear, add to your spells, or use in your charm casting set.

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    Let us select 10 different vintage milagros and send them to you in a cute witchy organza bag!

    The word milagro means “miracle” and these little miracles are small metal religious charms found in Mexico and other Latin American countries. These small charms often depict body parts, people, animals, and objects. They were typically nailed or pinned to crosses or wooden statues of various saints, sacred objects, the clothing of saint statues, or hung with little red ribbons or threads from altars and shrines. They are also carried for protection and good luck.

    In Mexico, milagros are used in a ritual known as a “manda” where a person will ask a favor of a saint. After the prayer request has been granted, a pilgrimage is made to the shrine of that saint and a milagro is pinned to some object of devotion in the shrine a small paper with a prayer of thanks is added.

    Many people carry a milagro with them for blessings or protection. A blessed milagro can be carried in a purse or pocket  in order to cure an illness, ward off evil, or bring better fortune.

    You can also use this collection of milagros to add to a charm casting set or start a new one. Charm casting sets are a divination tool that is fun and easy. Pick a charm to represent you (or the person you’re reading for) and then reach into your bag and pull some charms at random. Drop them on a cloth and interpret the meaning. Use your own personal meanings for the charms or look up the meaning in a dream dictionary, tea leaf reading book, or a list of symbolic meanings online. Charms landing closer to the charm representing you are more influential and closer in time than ones that are more distant.

    These vintage milagros are made of brass, pewter, tin and zinc.

    Set includes 10 randomly selected vintage milagros (all different) in an organza bag.


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