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Magical Mediumship: Partnering with the Ancestors for Healing and Spiritual Development by Danielle Dionne

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    Make Contact with Your Beloved Dead for Personal Transformation & Powerful Magick

    This invaluable resource weaves together mediumship, magick, spiritualism, and ancestral reverence to help you forge strong connections to your deceased loved ones. Professional medium Danielle Dionne provides hands-on exercises and accessible techniques for honoring your ancestors and working with them for divination and healing.

    Magickal Mediumship shows you how connecting with the spirits of the dead enhances your spiritual development and empowers your magickal practice. You’ll explore recipes and rites to aid communication and psychic ability, rituals to strengthen your relationship with spirit allies and deities, methods for spiritual hygiene and protection, and much more. Death comes to all of us, but it is not an end. This book helps you partner with those beyond the veil and face death as a positive and natural part of your magick.

    Includes a foreword by Christopher Penczak.

    “There is not a single soul more qualified to write on the relationship between mediumship and magick than Danielle Dionne. Magickal Mediumship masterfully weaves her experience and knowledge of spiritualist mediumship and her necromantic and ancestral magickal practices in a manner that not only makes complete sense, but is bound to brings healing, empowerment, and closure for the spiritual practitioner. Chock-full of exercises, personal experiences, and Danielle’s great sense of humor and refreshingly affable tone—she lifts the veil on the closely guarded secrets of communicating with and partnering with those who have transitioned from this life to craft magick in one’s life…This is the best book on these topics that you could ever get your hands on and is sure to be a classic.”—Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch

    Magickal Mediumship is an excellent portal of entry for any that wish to learn to be mediums. This book is more than a collection of techniques, it provides context and ways to integrate working with the dead into your life and spiritual practices. Danielle Dionne’s love and caring for this work and this path of service shines through in every chapter. This is a book that is wise, humble, and one that you will read again and again.”—Ivo Dominguez Jr, author, astrologer, ritualist, and Wiccan elder

    “This is a beautifully articulated guide to the subtle, yet powerful realms of spirit and the ancestors. Danielle’s experienced hand takes you on a moving, challenging yet inspiring journey to the edge of forever. What you hold in your hands is a delicate delight of contemplation, deep-thought, instruction and practise. It is a storehouse of impeccable wisdom.”—Kristoffer Hughes, Head of the Anglesey Druid Order, coroner, and author of When the Last Leaf Falls and The Book of Celtic Magic

    “The master guide to modern mediumship! Danielle Dionne delivers a fascinating peek as to what’s on the other side of the veil and helps provide us with the tools and techniques to be able to light that darkness and make it known. More than just a practical education on how to work with the spirits of the dead, Magickal Mediumship also gives valuable, real-world advice on how to spot a charlatan spiritualist, prepare for your own or a loved one’s mortality, tips on what to do if your ancestors were awful, and a lot more!”—Tomás Prower, author of Morbid Magic

    Magickal Mediumship is an incredible mash-up of two very powerful spiritual practices, mediumship and magick! This is a journey into understanding the many aspects of spirit from our departed loved ones to guides and other spiritual energies available to us. Danielle has also created some wonderful magickal practices designed to help you connect and honor the many ways we can work with our ancestors to enhance our lives. This book has become a go-to guide for me to enhance my practices in mediumship and I know it will be for you!”—Lauren Rainbow, medium and author of The Mediumship Training Deck

    288 pages

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