Magnetic Sand


Magnetic Sand (Iron Powder) is used for attracting what you desire and is often used in conjunction with Lodestones.

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Magnetic Sand is a versatile magical tool. Traditionally, it is used to “feed” a lodestone – sprinkle a pinch of Magnetic Sand on your Lodestone to give it power or thank it for bringing in what you desire.

Magnetic Sand that has been charged by sticking to a lodestone can be pulled off then be used to bring the magnetic magic elsewhere.

Suggested magical uses for Magnetic Sand:

Feed your Lodestones by sprinkling a pinch of Magnetic Sand on them.

Pinch off some charged Magnetic Sand and add it to a mojo bag to attract love, prosperity or gambling luck.

Sprinkle a pinch of charged Magnetic Sand on a Money Draw or Attraction candle to amplify its power.

Add a pinch of charged Magnetic Sand to any spiritual oil if you’d like to increase its powers of attraction.

1 Tablespoon in an old-fashioned muslin bag.


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