Mesquite Incense of the West


The fragrant smoke of Mesquite Incense of the West will remind you of open skies and campfires out in the wilds of the southwest.

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Mesquite is a tree of love, purification, healing, and nurturing; a true mother plant. It enhances power of any spell or ritual it is used in and protects the home from harm.

Mesquite grows in the desert southwest and Mexico at elevations of 2000 to 6000 feet. This slow growing tree has very hard wood and has an equally distinctive odor. Root wood is used for fuel, especially cooking, and is good for barbecuing and smoking meats. Native Americans use seed pods for food and as feed for livestock. Mesquite Incense of the West is a unique blend of this complex fragrance.

This  charming vintage printed box contains 40 mesquite incense bricks. Light them as you would any incense cone.


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