Modeling Beeswax Poppet Spell Kit


A beeswax poppet is a versatile tool for doing spellwork on someone else – either because they are distant from you or because you don’t want them to know you are doing work on them.



This modeling beeswax is easy to manipulate to make your very own poppet for spellwork. A poppet (sometimes called a doll baby or a voodoo doll) is one of the oldest type of magical spells. You create a doll to represent someone else and then you are able to work on that person at a distance or secretively.

Take this beeswax and soften it with the warmth of your hands. Mold it into the shape of the person you are working on. Add herbs to the wax for your intention, for example, love herbs for a love poppet or protection herbs to keep someone safe. Rub oils on the surface of the poppet as you speak the words of your intention on a daily basis or as-needed.

Beeswax poppets are water-resistant and so, unlike other poppets, can be cleansed by bathing.

This spell kit comes with

  • modeling beeswax

  • bath crystals for a single cleansing bath

  • herbs for your intention

  • full instructions for poppet work

  • all wrapped in a muslin bag.

For extra magical benefits, purchase an appropriate magical oil that you can apply to the poppet on a daily basis.

For more instruction on how to work with a beeswax poppet, watch the video below.


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