Modeling Beeswax for Poppets


This gorgeous beeswax is especially made for modeling and perfect as a tool to make your own beeswax poppet, doll baby or “voodoo doll”


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If you want to work on influencing someone else, making a poppet is an excellent method of exerting your control in a consistent and specific way.

Beeswax is a particularly useful medium for poppet work as, unlike with cloth or stick poppets, you can do cleansing baths on a poppets made with beeswax. Beeswax also has the extra advantage of being created from the focused energy of bees. To make a single ounce of beeswax, the bees must make one million visits to flowers to collect nectar.  That means that the essence of these magical creatures and every flower that they have visited is a part of your poppet work.  Whenever you work with beeswax, you can be assured that you are working with the very best.  Beeswax also contains a slight amount of honey for sweetening your magical work and the natural beeswax aroma of this modeling beeswax is heavenly. You will love working with your poppet.

A single 4″ x 1.5″ rectangle of modeling beeswax can be molded into a 3″-4″ tall poppet. If you would like to make a bigger poppet, order more than one piece of modeling beeswax.

Beeswax must be kneaded into a moldable state. Warm the beeswax slab by holding it in both hands until it becomes pliable, then mold your poppet into the shape that you desire.

Choose the color that most closely aligns with your intention.

  • White for cleansing or any all-purpose work
  • Black for controlling
  • Pink for romance or friendship
  • Red for passion
  • Orange for opening up blockages
  • Yellow for success and fame
  • Green for generosity
  • Blue for healing or reconciliation
  • Purple for power,
  • Brown for court cases or grounding
  • Copper for strength


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