Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods – Book


Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods: History, Insights and Magical Practice by Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor

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    A Witch’s 21-Century Guide to Making Magick with the Greek Gods

    The ancient Greek gods surround us even now in our modern world. From Aphrodite to Zeus, this book reveals the origins of more than sixty deities and other mythological figures, including the Olympians, Titans, and Primordial Forces. Explore how they’ve been worshipped across the centuries and how you can work with them in your own practice.

    You’ll meet the gods one by one, exploring their history, unique correspondences, and personal insights from contributing authors who work with them magickally. This book also provides rituals and spells to connect with each deity. Draw down the moon with Selene, cast a courage spell with Ares, and reclaim lost parts of yourself with a ritual for Persephone. By inviting these divine beings into your practice, you can cultivate a magickal life that satisfies your soul to its very core.

    “A brilliant and accessible book for the modern witch who wants to explore or deepen their relationship with the theoi, daimones, and heroes of Ancient Greece. The book is extremely well researched, drawing on and referencing historical primary sources, without trying to be a historical reconstruction of times past…The book will prove to you through direct experience that the gods of Greece aren’t merely dust-covered archaic statues of stories lost to the mists of time but rather that they are still as alive, powerful, and thriving as they were in ancient and classical times.”—Mat Auryn, bestselling author of Psychic Witch and Mastering Magick

    “Rather than a ham-handed appropriation, this is a thoughtful approach that feels like it takes the wishes of the gods themselves into consideration…Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods is a book that is destined to fall open to favorite pages, to become worn with use and stained from spell-craft.”—Terence P Ward, temple priest in the Hellenic reconstructionist group Temenos Oikidios, and author of Empty Cauldrons

    “Rigorously researched and sumptuous in detail, Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods offers fresh insights with each reading. Mankey and Taylor have meticulously crafted an authoritative text tempered with an abiding love and deep respect for their subject that shimmers on each page.”—Martha Kirby Capo, author of Thrifty Witchery

    “This book gives you a solid basis and a wonderfully researched view on incorporating Greek god workings into your magical practices…It was a bewitching and captivating read!”—Jen Sankey, author of the forthcoming Enchanted Forest Felines and Stardust Wanderer Tarot decks

    “An excellent resource for Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans looking for information about the Greek deities beyond the twelve Olympians. Through history, mythology, and knowledge from modern devotees, Jason and Astrea look beyond the traditional image of the Greek gods and goddesses formed through myth to present a fuller picture of how the ancients understood them and how we can work with them today.”—Gwyn, blogger and host of 3 Pagans and a Cat podcast

    “The research that went into this work is evident from the very beginning. Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor take turns diving into many aspects of working with a beloved pantheon. They disseminate this information in both an accessible and enlightening manner which leads a practitioner forward in their education of the Greek gods…This is a text that any practitioner will benefit from revisiting time and again.”—Vincent Higginbotham, author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life and Thrifty Witchery

    “An indispensable work for anyone looking to practice with these deities.”—Lilith Dorsey, author of Water Magic

    “This book is a necessity for those interested in the lore of the Greek pantheon, as well as how contemporary pagans work with these gods and beings. The writing is lively and joyful. Buy this book. Read this book. Refer to this book often.”—Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology, State University of New York at Oneonta

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