Money Drawing Potion Spell Kit


Money Drawing potion can be used in spells to attract good luck, wealth, prosperity and abundance to you or your loved ones.



Potions are drinkable herb infusions that you can make for yourself or serve to someone else. Money Drawing Potion is an authentic herbal blend that is used in spells for bringing prosperity, wealth, abundance and good money luck. This loose-leaf herbal blend can be purchased as a set with a tea infuser for easy brewing. Follow the instructions and use this potion in your spells for wealth and abundance.

How to use Money Drawing potion:

  • Drink it yourself to draw abundance to you
  • Serve it to someone else to bring them prosperity
  • Create a Prosperity Tea Party ritual where you and your loved ones drink Money Drawing potion together
  • Money Drawing potion can also be used as a sprinkle or spray to invite abundance into your home or workplace
  • Simply add the unsweetened potion to a spray bottle and spray in the air around you (avoid light colored walls, floors, or cloth that may stain)
  • The potion infusion can also be added to bathwater to make a powerful Money Drawing bath.
  • Dry loose leaf herbs may also be sprinkled around candle spells for abundance.

This special decaffeinated blend brews up sweet and minty. Add honey, sugar, or your favorite sweetener to add extra sweetness to your spell.

  • Chamomile is used in spells to draw money to you easily

  • Peppermint is used to remove money jinxes

  • Decaffeinated green tea increases abundance

  • Scullcap attracts gifts of money

  • Wood betony is used to protect against negativity

  • Catnip attracts generous patrons

What is included in your Money Drawing Potion Spell Kit

  • Five servings of organic herbal potion

  • Reusable air-tight metal tin

  • Tea infuser (if you select the potion and infuser option)

  • Complete instructions for making a money potion

Our Magic Potions Are Safe, Healthy, Effective and Delicious!

This potion is made with the finest quality herbal ingredients that are safe to consume:

  • Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic peppermint, organic Indian green tea decaffeinated, organic skullcap herb, organic wood betony, organic catnip herb, and organic stevia leaf.

  • Caffeine-Free

  • Compliant for all food standards, including organic

  • Non-GMO and free of allergens and epichlorohydrin

While the herbs in this tea are considered generally safe for most human consumption, it is wise to research anything that you ingest to make sure it is compatible with your body and any medications you may be taking.

Learn More About Money Potion

Check out all of our potion spell kits here. Want to know more about working with potions? Check out this video from Madame Pamita’s Youtube Channel:


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