Money Miracle Rose of Jericho Spell Kit

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A Money Miracle Plant Spell Kit uses the magic of the Rose of Jericho in an ongoing spell to bring in more personal or business prosperity.


    This mysterious plant is known by many rootworkers to bring new life to your bank account and make your home or business a prosperous one. You’ll be amazed at the miracle of bringing what appears to be a dead plant back to verdant splendor.

    This Money Miracle Plant Spell Kit includes everything you see here:

    • An authentic Rose of Jericho

    • An old-time hand-stamped muslin bag and manila tag

    • Full instructions for casting this magical spell

    All you need to add is a dish or shallow bowl and some water to bring this beautiful plant magically to life, and along with it, your bank account, finances and wealth.

    If you like, you can add crystals to the water to empower this spell even more! Simply place some Citrine, Jade, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye, or Amazonite crystals to the water. Change out the water every day and use this infused water to bless your home, your property or add to your bath water to bring in even more abundance.

    4 reviews for Money Miracle Rose of Jericho Spell Kit

    1. hilruss (verified owner)

      It is lovely when it blooms and works wonders to make your wallet bloom, too!

    2. Cybil Perry

      What a cool plant to help manifest some riches. my wallet has been full ever since.

    3. Nicole (verified owner)

      I love my little rose of Jericho! I placed it in distilled water a few days ago and was surprised how it “came back to life.” Alot of overtime at work has come my way!

    4. Dashavia (verified owner)

      Rose of Jericho I’m gratitude getting my car fix and bought early gift and being having booking back to back .

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