Moonstone Luna Pendulum


This pendulum is a gentle yet truthful guide and especially empowered if it is used at night or when charged with moonlight. 

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This Moonstone pendulum provides a calming and encouraging energy and opens the heart to nurturing qualities and the acceptance of love. It is an excellent pendulum to use to encourage first or new love or if love must be kept secret. It is also a powerful talisman for reuniting estranged lovers. 

The talisman of the goddess Luna sitting astride the moon represents desire, the power of attraction, change and ease in movement with nature’s cycles, and can assist those who identify with the moon, enjoy working with moon energy or would like to embody her qualities. 

Pendulums are an ancient divination tool for finding intuitive answers to simple Yes/No questions. Ask a question, hold the chain of the pendulum as still as you are able, and allow the plumb bob to hang down. Swinging clockwise or away and toward you indicates a Yes answer; swinging counterclockwise or from left to right indicates a No answer.

For a video lesson on how to use a Pendulum for divination, please check out the video on my How To Videos page.


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