Mystical Hinged Brass Incense Burner

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Evoke the mysteries of ancient magick in elegant style when you burn your incense in the Mystical Hinged Brass Incense Burner.

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    Are you ready to meet your new favorite incense burner? There are so many handy features wrapped up in this solid brass incense burner, you’ll fall in love at first burn! First, its size is just the right size to snuggle with your charcoal tablet. Next, it has an elegant little handle so you can easily carry your incense from room to room to spiritually fumigate your home. Finally, the hinged lid means no more lost incense burner pieces! (If you’re like me and set things down and wonder where you put them, you’ll know this is a lifesaver!) The gorgeous design of this is beautiful as it is practical, with its intricate carving and swooping shape evoking the mysteries of exotic lands.

    Add some incense burner sand to the bowl, light your charcoal or cone, tip the lid down and you’re ready to make some amazing magick.

    Measures 5″ x  2″


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