Mystical Yes No Divination Coin

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Let your spirit guides help you to make that decision with this easy-to-use divination tool.

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    Oftentimes we need to make a yes or no decision and don’t have the clarity to know which choice is best. If you’re stuck in that predicament, let your spirit guides communicate to you through this mystical divination coin. One side gives you a clear “Yes” while the other side will let you know that the answer is “No.”

    Better than just any old coin out of your pocket or purse, this coin can be dedicated as a divination coin to allow your guides to communicate with you. Hold it in your hands and ask your spirit guides to answer you. I recommend using this blessing any time you want to ask a question of your guides:

    I invite my spirit guides, my loving guides of the highest vibration, to give me clear and helpful answers to my questions. Give me the answer I seek through this mystical coin.

    Flip the coin and get your “Yes” or “No” answer and accept the guidance they give. You may ask any number of questions of your coin throughout the day, but I recommend only asking the same question a maximum of once per day. Never ask frivolous or silly questions or second guess the first answer that your guides give.

    Keep your Mystical Divination Coin on your altar to charge it and dedicate it. If you like, you can carry your coin with you during the day in your pocket or purse, for easy on-the-go guidance and place it on your altar or in a special box while you are sleeping.

    The more often you use this coin, the more you will connect to your spirit guides and hear their messages.

    1 review for Mystical Yes No Divination Coin

    1. n_hubbard2007 (verified owner)

      Hands down my go to quick divination tool when I am unsure of something and need some spiritual intervention that is not too biased 😉😉. It’s the size of a half dollar or better and very sturdy. It’s a beautiful color and I keep it with my crystals to keep positive energy surrounding it at all times! It’s a Unique twist on the heads or tales yes or no. I use it more often than not.

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