New Moon Candle Spell Service Subscription

$375.00 every 4 weeks

Be the first in line to get the New Moon Spell Service with a subscription and never miss out on your full moon magic again. Buy it for yourself or gift it as a very special gift to a special friend to show your love all year long! You can also order this as a Spell Kit only (with no workshop) or as a Spell Kit and Workshop subscription.

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If you love our very popular New Moon Candle Spell Service but have missed out on them because they sold out, you’ll love our new subscription service. Subscribe at any time and you’ll get a guaranteed spot in the next New Moon Spell Service!

Not only that, but you’ll get it at a discount each month!

Sign up once, set it and forget it! You’ll be automatically added to the monthly New Moon Spell Service that Madame Pamita conducts on her hearth altar. Once you purchase, you will be charged for the spell service once per month and be at the top of the line as soon as they go live.

Order this and you get the New Moon Spell Service. You can also choose the Spell Kit only or the Spell Kit and Workshop subscription. Order it for yourself or give as a gift to the very special witches in your life.


I Do It For You

New Moon Spell Service – Madame Pamita creates a customized version of the New Moon Spell and you join her over Zoom as she lights your spell on her hearth altar.

Each month on the new moon, I conduct a complex candle spell service on my altar for 13 special people. When you purchase a New Moon Spell Service, we gather together as a tribe over the internet and you will witness me blessing and lighting your candles for your intention on my brick hearth – a place of power and magic for inviting your best outcomes.

What you need to know:

  • Each New Moon Spell Ritual is limited to 13 people served on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • You will be invited to two exclusive live recorded zoom sessions where you can join me and the 13 people who are participating.

  • On the New Moon, you will see your candle being blessed and lit on the hearth.

  • On the Full Moon, I will do a live candle report for each candle after it is complete.

  • When you book your order, you will receive a number (1 through 13) and an invitation to our live zoom sessions.

  • You will not be identified on the video other than by your number unless you choose to use your name.

  • Following each of our live sessions, there will be a brief live Q&A if you wish to ask questions.

  • All who purchase the New Moon Spell Service will receive a copy of the videos whether you can attend live or not.

You are welcome to purchase this option along with the New Moon Spell Kit or Spell Kit and Workshop so that we are both doing spells for your intention together.


  • January 2023 – Dark Moon Magic
  • February 2023 – Mermaid Love
  • March 2023 – Wild Spirit
  • April 2023 – Fast Fix
  • May 2023 – Luxurious Wealth
  • June 2023 – Unicorn Wishes
  • July 2023 – Home Sweet Home
  • August 2023 – Legendary Fame
  • September 2023 – Lucky Money Frog
  • October 2023 – Cauldron of Transformation
  • November 2023 – Passion Wolf

If you have any questions about your subscription, please reach out to us at


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