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Norse Divination: Illuminating Your Path with the Wisdom of the Gods by Gypsey Elaine Teague

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    Journey into the Norse Pantheon to Uncover the Secrets of Your Past, Present, and Future

    Reveal your life’s path in a brand-new way with Norse Divination, the only book designed around the Nordic gods themselves rather than the Futhark. Through concise yet enlightening analyses of these deities and their relationships to each other, you’ll unlock answers to your deepest questions and find more happiness and success.

    An excellent primer on Norse mythology, this book teaches you how to easily create your own thirty-six-piece divination set and use it to explore the gods and goddesses’ beliefs, customs, loves, and deaths. Each deity, along with important mythological items, has a dedicated chapter outlining who they are, what their role is, and how they can help you divine the best course of action in any scenario. Featuring clear and thorough instruction on how to read all thirty-six pieces in their past, present, and future positions, Norse Divination helps you harness hidden knowledge and forge a unique practice.

    Norse Divination is a breath of fresh air in what has become a largely stagnant field. Gypsey Teague has created and tested a thoroughly modern system of runic divination in which the diviner departs from the more typical meanings extrapolated from the rune poems, and instead enters a realm of story.? In this incredibly intuitive system, the reader is taken on a journey through a realm of Holy Powers, cosmology, and eschatology…Gypsey’s style of writing is no-nonsense and to the point. Easy to read without losing any depth of meaning. She’s upfront about her sources and her instructions are thorough. The end result is a highly workable modern system of divination and something truly creative.”—Cat Heath, author of Elves, Witches & Gods

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