Old-Fashioned Glass Glitter Beads

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If you want all the sparkle and shine of real glass glitter without any of the sharp edges, Glass Glitter Beads are the perfect thing to add to your magical supplies.


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In times past, all glitter was made of glass…then plastic glitter was invented as a cheaper alternative. The problem is that plastic glitter is a microplastic and microplastics are hard to get rid of and can be hazardous to marine life and the environment.

However, glass glitter is a gorgeous, environmentally safe alternative to all those nasty plastics, PLUS it makes your spellwork shine and sparkle in ways that no plastic can imitate! It’s like sprinkling your spells with virtual diamonds!

If you find that traditional glass glitter is too sharp, then these glass glitter beads are the perfect alternative. They are tiny smooth spheres of glass that reflect the light like little crystal balls.

Glitter is used in spells of attraction, to draw positive attention to your objective and can also be used to repel negativity like a mirror. The easiest way to add glitter to your spellwork is to dress a candle with a spiritual oil and then sprinkle with a colorful glitter corresponding to your spell intention.

These gorgeous sparkly glitters are produced in the heart of Germany by fine art glass glitter artisans in a labor-intensive hand-crafted production process. Bavarian Glass Artisans create a far superior product and only create artist-grade glitters, not a wide range of industrial glass products like the competition. These gorgeous glitters are created by a small family-run company descended from a long line of glassworkers who craft each batch of glitter by hand.

The glass glitter is created in a multi-step process like fine handblown glass.

Glass glitter beads do not have the sharp edges that regular glass or plastic glitter have, so it can be used with children under adult supervision.

Coating your hands in a thin film of sachet powder before you start is a great way of stopping glitter sticking. To save yourself, carpet, pets and children from becoming covered in glitter, use the handy Glitter Tray we sell. Any excess glitter can be contained and poured back into the container.

1 review for Old-Fashioned Glass Glitter Beads

  1. kairi.tq (verified owner)

    This is my favourite, cutest little glass beads adds a big impact on my candle spells. <3

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