Old-Fashioned Real Glass Glitter

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Gorgeous real old-fashioned glass glitter to sprinkle on your candle spells to make them sparkle and shine.


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Welcome to the world of Gorgeous Glass Glitter!

In the olden days, all glitter was made of glass…then plastic glitter was invented as a cheaper alternative. The problem is that plastic glitter is a microplastic and microplastics are hard to get rid of and can be hazardous to marine life and the environment.

However, glass glitter is a gorgeous, environmentally safe alternative to all those nasty plastics, PLUS it makes your spellwork shine and sparkle in ways that no plastic can imitate! It’s like sprinkling your spells with virtual diamonds!

Glitter is used in spells of attraction, to draw positive attention to your objective and can also be used to repel negativity like a mirror. The easiest way to add glitter to your spellwork is to dress a candle with a spiritual oil and then sprinkle with a colorful glitter corresponding to your spell intention.

Here are glitter colors and their corresponding intentions:

  • Green – Prosperity, money luck, growth, fertility, business, job

  • Red – Passionate love, energy, action, attraction, sexuality

  • Silver – Cleansing, clarity, blessing, healing, connection to spirits or the spiritual world

  • Black – Protection, banishing, reversing

  • Blue – Harmony, peace, communication, ideas, healing

  • Pink – Romantic love, friendship, sweet feelings, heart connection, affection

  • Purple – Empowerment, success, controlling, commanding, mastery, power, ambition

  • Yellow – Optimism, prosperity, happiness, luck, success

  • Orange – New opportunities, new ventures, positive change, opening the way

  • Brown – Court-case work, justice, balance, grounding

Packaged in convenient one-ounce jars, this finely ground colored glass is silver coated for extra sparkle and shine. Over time, a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look.

These gorgeous sparkly glitters are produced in Europe by fine art glass glitter artisans in a labor intensive hand-crafted production process. It is created by a small family-run company in the heart of Germany. This family comes from a long line of glass workers and craft each batch of glitter by hand.

Instead of being produced by large glass manufacturers, who produce many other products, this glitter is produced by Bavarian Glass Artisans who create a far superior product and only create Artist Grade Glitters, and not a wide range of industrial glass products like the competition.

The glitter is created in a seven step process that starts with coating a thin substrate of glass with a coat of pure silver. After firing the glass at high temperatures, color coatings are added, followed by additional firings and coats of sliver. After the coated colored glass is completed and cooled, it is ground into different sizes. The multi-stage process and base coat of silver is what gives this glitter exceptional sparkle and shine, but also its ability to tarnish to a rich vintage look over time.

No clear glass is added to extend the glitter. It is created with pure silver-coated colored glass.

Glass glitter is not generally sharper than plastic glitter, but as this product is ground glass, so it is not recommended for children and should be handled with care.

Coating your hands in a thin film of baby powder before you start is a great way of stopping glitter sticking. To save yourself / carpet / pets and children becoming covered in glitter, simply put your project into a large plastic bag or box before applying the product. Any excess glitter should be well and truly contained, and it’s easy to then pour any excess back into the container.

.5 oz. bottle

4 reviews for Old-Fashioned Real Glass Glitter

  1. Cybil

    I am using this beautiful black glitter for protection.

  2. Cybil

    This pretty yellow glitter is perfect for my success and happiness spell.

  3. Cybil

    The orange glitter pairs nicely with the orange cat candle for an open road spell.

  4. Robin (verified owner)

    This glitter is not the run-of-the-mill type found on Amazon, or any craft stores, it’s a better, richer grade. Just the right size and has it’s own unique sparkle to it, iMO. I absolutely love it, and would be very happy to splurge and buy myself a vial of each to have on hand to add to my more special workings, as it ups the ante with spicing up the look of your candle mix!

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