Old Style Conjure – Book


Old Style Conjure Hoodoo, Rootwork, & Folk Magic by Starr Casas

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    Conjure, hoodoo, rootwork—these are all names for southern American folk magic. Conjure first emerged in the days of slavery and plantations and is widely considered among the most potent forms of magic. Its popularity continues to increase, both in the United States and worldwide. This book is a guide to using conjure to achieve love, success, safety, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment. Author Starr Casas, a hereditary master of the art, introduces readers to the history and philosophy of conjure and provides practical information for using it. Featuring Casas’s own rituals, spells, and home recipes, the book provides useful information suitable for novices and seasoned practitioners alike.

    In its pages, you’ll learn about bone reading, candle burning, conjure bags, building your own conjure altar.

    6 x 9
    256 pages
    B&W photographs



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