Old Style Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards


The Old Style Lenormand Fortune Telling Deck beautifully captures the essence of Lenormand in all its timeless mystery and insight.

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    Old Style Lenormand brings charming, vintage-looking illustrations to a modern Lenormand audience. The simple and concise imagery provides highly specific answers to your questions. Playing card insets increase the divination power of the cards.

    The Lenormand is a divination tool with a history similar to that of the Tarot. The 200 year old system comes to us from the heart of Europe and the salons of France and Germany. The simple, straightforward imagery of the cards  will give direct guidance on tangible issues rather than esoteric ones.

    The cards came into being in the late 18th century and many of their symbols derive from those commonly found in coffee and tea leaf readings. Originally named “The Game of Hope”, it was once a parlor game, much like Tarot, but the images on the cards proved themselves suitable for more divinatory purposes.

    Old Style Lenormand is comprised of 38 cards (including two Man and two Lady cards). A 92-page illustrated booklet accompanies the deck.

    Alexander Ray is a popular Russian psychologist, writer and illustrator who creates divinatory tools that help people find their place in life.


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