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Ozark Mountain Spell Book: Folk Magic and Healing by Brandon Weston

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    Explore Ozark Folk Magic for Love, Luck & Health

    Apply traditional Ozark workings to your craft and enjoy a stronger connection to the everyday magic all around you. Brandon Weston weaves fascinating historical details and stories from his own practice alongside step-by-step instructions for authentic remedies, rituals, and spells collected from other regional witches and healers.

    A companion to Ozark Folk Magic, this book compiles more than fifty recipes that utilize ingredients commonly found in the household or in nature. You will learn how to grow luck at the base of a tree, bring lovers closer together with string, and reverse a hex using a black candle. Weston also covers cleansing rituals, protection charms, dream work, divination tools, and more. With advice for modernizing these techniques, this spell book captures Ozark folk magic as both a deep and evolving tradition for practitioners to enjoy.

    “Brandon’s Ozark Mountain Spell Book is full of amulets, charms, and workings, and you will be delighted from first to last.”—H. Byron Ballard, witch, farmer, and author of Roots, Branches, and Spirits

    “Weston considers these magical operations and folkloric customs and understandings as both a respectful researcher and a dedicated practitioner. Technical analyses of the various components and combinations of spell work and talisman-craft are accompanied by appreciations and explications of hillfolk cosmology, spiritual ecologies, and magical ethics; artfully drawing attention to shifting historical influences upon Ozark folk magic even as it collects and curates these rites and amulets.”—Dr. Alexander Cummins, author of A Book of the Magi and editor of Revelore Press’ Folk Necromancy in Transmission series

    “Brandon invites you into his home, where he serves up history, folklore, and magic. A wonderful and enchanting read.”—Katrink Karpetz, Witch of TheWitchery.ca

    “The herbal knowledge…that you will find within this book will give readers a fresh look at how a deeply entrenched bioregional practice works magically with the local flora…We believe this information to be vitally important to share with others and find Brandon’s perspective to be well researched, combining healing traditions from his elders as well as his own praxis. This volume adds a new layer to the rich tapestry of Ozark magic.”—Catamara Rosarium, convenor of the Viridis Genii Symposium and proprietor of Rosarium Blends

    “This book is timely and important in that it helps give readers a broader grasp of the subject of American folk magic with the clarity and authority of an author who has dived headfirst into the subject of Ozark traditions.”—Marcus McCoy, editor and co-organizer of the Viridis Genii Symposium and book series

    “Not since the sainted Ozark folklorist, Vance Randolph, has there been such an important publication on Ozark folk magic. The fact that Brandon is also a gifted healer, from and of this tradition, offers us a curated collection of tried-and-true knowledge that is a benefit to us now and will be of benefit to future generations of practitioners and scholars.”—Rachel Reynolds, Ozark folklorist, head project steward at Meadowcreek Community

    “Weston’s latest book opens up the world of Ozark folk magic to anyone interested, while still preserving the heart and flavor of this distinctive branch of North American folk practice. The spells themselves all have clear roots within tradition and history, but importantly provide variations that help them fit a modern worker’s world. Weston explores depths seldom plumbed, such as the use of dream-based magical instruction, and connects the work to the words and actions of Ozarkers he’s interviewed or found in existing folkloric accounts. This is a thorough course in mountain folk magic that invites a deeper understanding of a frequently overlooked region and demonstrates how fully integrated magic is within the Ozark worldview.”—Cory Thomas Hutcheson, author and co-host of New World Witchery

    216 pages

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