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Pagan Curious: A Beginner’s Guide to Nature, Magic and Spirituality by Debra DeAngelo

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    Indulge Your Curiosity About Paganism

    Explore the many facets of the Pagan community with this delightful guide for the complete beginner. Debra DeAngelo teaches you the ABCs and 123s of Paganism with introductions to spiritual practices and magic as well as skills like grounding, centering, and meditation. Become reacquainted with your true, natural self, learn to work with plants, animals, and the stars, and discover the tantalizing mysteries of magic and mysticism.

    Join DeAngelo for a tour of the colorful, diverse garden that is Paganism. With thoughtful self-reflection exercises, this book gives you a deeper understanding of your personal beliefs so you can orient yourself in that garden. You will learn how to celebrate Pagan sabbats, develop your intuition, create an altar, and meet Pagan deities. With dozens of activities, spells, meditations, affirmations, and more, Pagan Curious will enchant your spirit and help you create the magical life you’ve been seeking.

    “When Debra DeAngelo describes her own seduction by curiosity with the lures of music, movement, and nature, the Pagan becomes as familiar as a happy memory, newly dusted and freshly polished…[DeAngelo] reveals a rich, vibrant world that’s much closer to the ancient secrets of nature and the original world we inhabited once upon a time. With inspiration on every page, she leads you to step away from your screens and guides you to a more authentic you, full of magic and miracles.”—Gerit Quealy, author of Botanical Shakespeare

    “I continue to be amazed by Debra’s ability to tackle comprehensive subjects and present them in the most fascinating, yet simple, ways…It goes without saying how much I learned, but one emphasis in particular made the volume of information less intimidating: Debra’s insistence that whatever I choose to do, I do it MY way…Now that’s my kind of book!”—Sunny Schlenger, life coach and author of Organizing for the Spirit

    “With a wealth of insightful exercises and broad spectrum coverage of foundational information, Debra DeAngelo has created an excellent gateway for those who wish to dip their toe into the waters of Paganism without committing to the deep end.”—Katrina Rasbold, author of Crossroads of Conjure

    Pagan Curious offers an energy that allows a reader to move through inner, outer, and magical realms to find out more about being a Pagan. With a welcoming tone and a strong foundation of practical information, I’m certain a reader will walk away with a better understanding of this path and of themselves.”—Irisanya Moon, author of Practically Pagan

    Pagan Curious should be a prerequisite for anyone looking to explore a Pagan path. Debra DeAngelo answers all the beginner questions in a straightforward and easy to follow way. She encourages the reader to personalize the way they look at the world and connect with the spiritual realms.”—Phoenix LeFae, author of What is Remembered Lives

    “Are you a seeker? Is there a magic in nature that calls to you? Are you yearning for something you can’t quite name? Then I recommend this book for you. Find out what it is in yourself that longs to connect with and use this inexplicable energy.”—Mary K. Greer, author of Tarot for Your Self

    “Debra’s passion and enthusiasm joyfully bubbles forth as she transports readers on a fascinating tour of the dazzling flowers and delightful foliage cultivated within the metaphorical ‘Big Pagan Garden.’…This engaging, accessible, down-to-earth guide—alive with ideas, observations, and exercises for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike—is a gem of a resource.”—Lady Jesamyn Angelica, high priestess and founder of Sisterhood of the Moon and The Women’s Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment

    Pagan Curious speaks directly to the person who has never been to a Pagan event, or been a part of a coven, or wouldn’t know the Wheel of the Year if it ran over them. DeAngelo brilliantly suggests starting with getting to know yourself, before laying out the basics of practice, including working with plants, divination, magickal tools, and deities…This is a must read.”—Gwion Raven, author of Life Ritualized

    “Debra takes you into her world gently and then holds your hand all the way through, with lovely writing and deep respect for all things Pagan. She gives you tools to navigate all you’re curious about and asks you, the reader, challenging and provocative questions…An excellent guide into navigating this rich and complex culture.”—Beth Bornstein Dunnington, director, editor, writer, actor, singer, acting coach

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