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Past Lives in Ancient Lands and Other Worlds: Understand Your Soul’s Journey Through Time by Shelley Kaehr

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    Tap into Long-Forgotten Memories from the Earliest Times in Your Soul History

    Sharing some of her most exciting client regression sessions, Shelley A. Kaehr invites you to explore past life experiences from ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Lemuria, Atlantis, planets beyond Earth, and more. In addition to fascinating case studies, Shelley helps you uncover your soul’s earliest experiences and clear out unwanted influences from these times so you can move forward into your brightest future.

    This book includes more than fifty engaging activities to help you remember and make sense of your soul history. You can create a self-discovery journal, complete a past life regression, identify your purpose, and heal trauma from previous incarnations. By pinpointing where your soul existed in the past, you can find meaningful answers to questions about your present while getting to know your true self better than ever before.

    “Shelley Kaehr’s Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds offers a new dimension to validating extraterrestrial life on Earth through the eyes of clients who report on ET experiences during past life regressions. Shelley gives readers helpful processes to better understand the broader meanings behind why close encounters happen and how contact may be part of a soul mission on Earth. I recommend Shelley’s Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds to all who are interested in unexplained phenomena.”—Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy award winning TV producer and reporter/editor of award-winning

    “Like many lessons and challenges people face in daily life, encounters with NHI, non-human intelligence, involve soul contracts. In Shelley Kaehr’s Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds, she succeeds in helping people uncover and heal not only their otherworldly agreements but traumas and challenges that occurred during times of antiquity. Incredibly engaging, Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds is a must read for all who seek to resolve issues of unknown origin and emerge better prepared to participate in the global transformation of consciousness.”—Mary Rodwell, founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) and bestselling author of The New Human

    “Deeply empowering and mind expanding, we recommend Shelley’s Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds as a trusted guide to access your own inner knowing, where it is almost as if Shelley is sat in the room with you.”—Rupert and Nicola Green, Off World Link online community

    “Dr. Shelley Kaehr offers you a dip into the river of past lives – yours and others -which may bring you fresh clarity and a release of mysterious blockages that could be holding you back from your maximum potential. Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds is an exciting journey back into yourself with all the knowledge, riches, and possibilities for a total transformation. I love this book very much.”—Kac Young, PhD, author of Crystal Power and Essential Oils for Beginners

    “A groundbreaking book from a true master of spiritual history. I’ve been waiting for this EXACT book and Shelley has created it. At last, a walk through the eons across the earth and the stars to assist us in clearing past life issues from other times and places. Babylon. Egypt. Atlantis. Lemuria. Off-worlds. Wherever you have been and traveled, within are 50 exercises and practices to heal soul trauma and gain the teachings offered by each age. The goal? To claim your power in the here and now.”—Cyndi Dale, author of Advanced Chakra Healing

    “Dr. Shelley Kaehr’s Past Lives in Ancient Lands and Other Worlds is a fascinating read. Whether or not you believe in past life regressions, readers will find the book both challenging and interesting. At the very least, it can add insight as to the nature of such phenomena.”—Kenneth J Doka, author of When We Die

    “A masterpiece. As I started to read this book I felt like I was in the presence of someone with great wisdom and wonderful healing energy. What I love about the author is her unique ability to transport us to places in the world we may have visited or lived in past lives…The book is a guide to personal empowerment and to magical altered perceptions. The past life regression techniques presented are empowering gifts that open portals to our past lives. Revisiting your past lives as brilliantly shown through the vehicle of past life regression to ancient civilizations and possibly even other worlds is sure to give you a sense of a refreshing rebirth.”—Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Sign Karma and Sun Signs & Past Lives

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