Patchouli Gift Set – Attraction, Love, Money Stick Incense


Sensuous Patchouli has been known to be a powerful attractor for love and money luck. The Patchouli gift set includes incense and an elegant ceramic tray that makes burning incense clean and effortless.

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    Japanese incense is among the highest quality incense that money can buy.

    The ambrosial scent of the patchouli leaf has long been cherished as incense, essential oil, in tea and medicine, and as a mainstay of perfumery. Mysterious, sensuous, and deep, patchouli must be one of nature’s most complex fragrances.

    Patchouli is used for love, prosperity, and spiritual cleansing. Patchouli is used in spells for lust, love, and money. It is a highly attractive herb.

    • Sturdy, double-walled paper gift box with a window, 10.5″ x 4″

    • One 35-stick package of Patchouli incense, 8.75″

    • One 8.25″-long glazed ceramic incense tray

    • Patchouli leaves, sandalwood, and spices

    • Approx. burning time: 50 min. per stick


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