Patent National Old Time Playing Cards


This is an authentic reproduction of an American playing card deck from 1863 by Lawrence, Cohen & Co.

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    This reproduction of an 1863 playing card deck has full-length, single-ended court figures and square corners. The box features a facsimile of the original paper wrapper and a canceled tax stamp. The cards have an unusual double-ended patriotic back design. The deck is comprised of 52 cards plus a conventional extra Ace of Spades and two information cards, which provide a brief history of Early American Playing Cards.

    Use along with the book A Deck of Spells for creating amazing magic with an old-time feel. Professor Porterfield’s book reveals the rich and mysterious history of playing cards and how you can use them to see the future and change the present with more than 100 spells, charms, and authentic old-time divination methods.


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