Phases of the Moon Candle Holder Set


Honor the magic of the moon with this Phases of the Moon Candle Holder Set with seven ceramic holders depicting the moon in all its unique phases.

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    Invite the moon into your magic and watch what you can manifest! These seven ceramic candle holders are glazed with midnight black and screened with white images of the moon in seven phases.

    Place candles in them and use them all at once, bring them out during that phase of the moon or use them for the magic of the particular moon phase:

    • Waxing Crescent for love magic
    • First Quarter for motivation
    • Waxing Gibbous for abundance
    • Full Moon for manifestation
    • Waning Gibbous for quitting bad habits
    • Last Quarter for clarification
    • Waning Crescent for healing

    Nestle your Tall Beeswax Taper or Thick Beeswax Taper (with the base carved to a smaller diameter) in these candle holders, dress them with your favorite spiritual oil, speak your spell intention and light your candle to set your spell in motion.

    Set of sevent 1.25″ tall holders – candles sold separately


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