Power Pocket Mojo Bag


This comet-style mojo bag is perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse and bringing in power and self-confidence. Carry one or more of them in your pocket or purse and feel the difference in your life.


    A Mojo Bag is a portable spell that you carry with you to bring blessings and protection. This Power Pocket Mojo was designed by Madame Pamita and created with magical herbs specifically for giving you charisma and authority.

    Carry it in your pocket or purse to feel your empowerment and others treat you with respect. “Feed” your Mojo once a week with a drop of Absolute Power oil or by waving it through the smoke of any power incense. Treat it with care and respect and you will own a powerful talisman for bringing the best into your life.

    For more about Comet-Style Mojo Bags, please click on the video below and read my Mojo Bag How To page on how to work with mojo bags.


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