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Powerful Juju: Goddesses, Music and Magic for Comfort, Guidance, and Protection by Najah Lightfoot

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    Journey through the Crossroads of Magick with 12 Iconic Women Beside You.

    A follow-up to the bestselling Good JujuPowerful Juju provides guidance and comfort in times of hardship. Najah Lightfoot introduces you to a dozen goddesses and legendary figures, from mythology and modern times, who offer inspiration and protection against the most difficult parts of life. Each one is accompanied by a song to soothe and uplift your spirit, a list of correspondences, a brief description, a full ritual, and instructions on setting up sacred space to bring her energy into your life. You’ll meet Sekhmet, Frida Kahlo, Doreen Valiente, Tituba, Nina Simone, Lilith, and others. These women were specially chosen to accompany you through the crossroads of magick, helping you be strong and carry on.

    “With this latest book, you hold in your hands an intricate cord connecting you back to the deepest wisdom, all through the loving hands of Najah as she deftly braids the four strands of goddess, music, rituals, and her personal tales of what it means to be a witch…You’ll be delighted by the pantheon of goddesses that she reveals, one for each chapter. Some are traditional and well-known deities from around the world, others are goddesses that once had human form on this earth and whose legends make them larger than life…This book is destined to be one you return to again and again for spiritually navigating the ups and downs of life—moving through good times and bad with magical grace and ease.”—Madame Pamita, author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft and The Book of Candle Magic

    “Najah Lightfoot invokes the spirits of a dozen powerful goddesses—both mythological and real, ancient and contemporary—to guide you through any challenges life might be throwing your way. Powerful Juju is packed chock-full of tips to bring your magic to life, drawing on strength, courage, and power. With her chapter-by-chapter playlist for the magical soul, Najah takes us on a journey through rite and ritual, walking side by side with strong female figures…No matter what your background may be, Powerful Juju has something for everyone, and Najah Lightfoot has created a magical masterpiece.”—Patti Wigington, author of Herb Magic, Witchcraft for Healing, and Badass Ancestors

    “A revolutionary guide through modern magick where Najah Lightfoot guides the reader to power and beauty in the spaces they travel, uncovering Magick in the everyday. Najah provides a proverbial, and sometimes literal, crossroads within its pages. This book is an invaluable tool for Witches of every path and experience level.”—Courtney Weber, author of Hekate: Goddess of Witches

    “A potent blend of the magick of music and the feminine divine, Powerful Juju is a book of uplifting power, suitable for novices and adepts alike. Najah Lightfoot has crafted a unique book, filled with accessible, original spells and rituals, as well as good practical advice for wellbeing and living your best magickal life. Powerful Juju makes my heart sing. Highly recommended!”—Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

    “Exploring the power of music and magic, Lightfoot’s newest tome is a heady, healing mixtape of grounding rituals and wise and intimate guidance. Drawing upon the potent spells of creativity, art and the history of the empowered feminine, Lightfoot offers up all her title promises – comfort, guidance and fierce protection – brewing up an effective potion for restoration and transformation in these cathartic times.”—Jessica Hundley, author and editor for The Library of Esoterica encyclopedia series

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